What We Do


Indulge in research on important technology, discovering and inventing.


Give utmost importance to technology application, making it accessible.


Create cost-effective products & solutions, improving profitability for end-users.

AI and Robotics for Mobility

Use machine intellegence to create smart products with situational awareness to enforce safety.
Leverage years of extensive research by industry experts, to create robust products with (people and material) mobility in focus, for multiple Operational Design Domains (ODDs).

What We Offer


Solutions to make any vehicle driverless, supporting multiple network-operators and wide geographies.


Map-data for various places, presented in the most accepted formats suitable for scenario-simulations.


Patents to implement CAVs under practical conditions. Some of the IPR-portfolio is available for licensing.

  • Product Plan 2022

    Offer vehicle-teleoperation in limited geographies as a pilot-run. The vehicles will have a human driver to takeover the driving if the safety is compromised.

  • Product Plan 2024

    Offer more-AI-assisted teleoperation with reduced dependancy on remote human-operators, including cost-optimization of key components.