REDARM stands for Research, Engineer & Develop the AI & Robotics for Mobility. REDARM is an early-stage startup working on teleoperation & autonomy solutions for Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs).

Earlier attempts by several companies indicate that full(SAE Level-5) autonomy is several years away. REDARM's approach includes a human-in-the-loop control through remote-driving (teleoperation).

REDARM has passionate automotive engineers with practical experience (15 years cumulative) in embedded systems, power electronics, vehicle dynamics, electromagnetics, and control systems among others.

REDARM conceptualized (and working on demos for) teleoperation in multiple geographies. REDARM is working on novel concepts and engineering details for vehicle actuation, along with some patent applications.

Vision and more
  • Vision

    Improve work efficacy and everyone’s safety by making any vehicle driverless.

  • Mission

    Make the vehicle autonomy financially viable to many at work, not just the rich.

  • Strategy

    Retrofit even the oldest (on-road or off-highway) vehicles to enable them with driverless mobility through remote-override.

  • Goal

    Solve two problems: high upfront cost for the upcoming AV solutions and revenue loss during (on & off-highway) vehicle downtime.

Event timeline
  • 2021

    Work started on the plan for MVPs along the way to the main deliverable. Work is in progress for the PoC demo.

  • 2020

    Several ideas for patents were conceived and checked against the massive database of patents across the globe. The proposal suggested branching business cases, each of which could be a viable business.

    The concept evolved into the driving robot. Using the additional time-at-hand during the world-wide lock-downs, this pitch went through multiple (CXO level) people and it was well received.

  • 2019

    The concept originated from an experience with the taxi-drivers during a trip. With the understanding that full-autonomy for the vehicles is a distant dream, teleoperation is picked-up as a quick solution that can pave way for the future of vehicle autonomy.

Logo and more

About the logo

The logo symbolizes people and machines working together providing a solution for future vehicle mobility.

The background triangle stands for the road-sign 'yield'.

The two semi-circles stand for the human-brain (Red on left: emotion/human-intellect, Blue on right: logic/AI). The shapes' circular envelope represents mobility.

About the colors

The logo has two colors, Red-Orange and Royal-Blue.

Red-Orange (#ff5349) is a cross between the two hues. It is bright and exciting and associated with physical energy. It is playful, energetic, and engaging.

Royal-Blue (#4169e1) is an eye-catching, versatile color. It is associated with trustworthiness and reliability. Common association for blue includes peacefulness.


Please send an email to info@redarm.in for more information or to collaborate.