Areas of focus


Designs to improve efficiency, workability, and robustness, supported by years of research in electromagnetics.

ECU electronics

Architectures to create feature-rich and cost-optimal designs, supported by years of experience in automotive electronics.


Increased safety through not only software, but also custom component designs, supported by the knowledge of field-issues.


Implementation details for better usability and optimal utilization of the resources, including the infrastructure at both ends.


Several technologies that bond seemingly diverging elements together, including mapping localization, route planning, sensor data processing, encryption, user interfaces and machine learning infrastructure.

Where we are

Patent applications

Shortlisted patent-ideas are under inspection to check for alignment with long-term strategy. Some of them are drafted and ready for filing.

Patent Scope

We are inspecting both the technical and geographical scopes for the future patents. Relevant patents will be filed in promising geographies.

  • IPR roadmap 2021

    Conduct whitespace analysis and identify the areas open for exploration. Brainstorm and identify potential patentable topics. Scope the patent applications to highlight the novelty and inventive steps.

  • IPR roadmap 2022

    Focus on patent applications that help with implementation. Request early publication and examinations to get quicker feedback. File patent applications by strategically selecting the geographies.

  • IPR roadmap 2023+

    File patent applications complementing and strengthening the earlier applications and their scope.